Another Update – Winter Break

Today was the last day of classes for the fall semester!  I just have to go in and take my final exam for Intro to Social Work next week.  It’s been a difficult semester, not academically speaking, but from having a lot of mental health issues interfering in my life.  I guess I got used to not having bad symptoms for well over a year, it just was really unexpected and threw me way off.  It snowed today, so happy about that.  Not enough in my opinion, I love snow, the more the better!  But at least it’s something.  It’s pretty strange that we’ve hardly have had any snow so far, normally we start getting it by mid October.

I’ve been drawing more lately, when I get my graded sketchbook back from my art class next week I’ll post some pics.  There’s some stuff in there I’m pretty proud of.

Looking forward to Christmas.  Can’t wait till midnight mass.  The service is always amazingly beautiful.

Started going to the gym again.  It feels great!  🙂