20 by 30




This is a list of 20 things I’d like to do/accomplish by 30 years old.  I was going to do 30 by 30 but couldn’t come up with that many ideas at the moment.  I turned 25 two months ago. So that gives me 5 years to try and do what’s on my list.  This was a lot of fun to make!

  1. Graduate with my associates degree (I’m about halfway done now)
  2. Be able to read Harry Potter series in Italian
  3. Learn how to solve a Rubiks Cube
  4. Have a part time job
  5. Read all of the books I own
  6. See Lindsey Stirling in concert
  7. Try bubble tea
  8. Begin studying Japanese
  9. Go to a zoo
  10. Improve my artwork
  11. Visit NYC
  12. Begin playing the violin again
  13. Go to Lake George
  14. See more baseball games
  15. Learn to use chopsticks
  16. Get a new tattoo
  17. Learn how to cook more
  18. Learn to play Arkham Horror and other board/card games
  19. Buy a PS4 and an Xbox One
  20. Get nose re-pierced

I understand much of this isn’t really significant or ambitious but they’re things that I really want to do, some are a challenge but realistic. 🙂

Can’t Sleep


reading (2).JPG


It’s been very hot lately, ready for summer to be over! I would gladly live in an igloo over being outside in the heat.  😀

Coffee is becoming an issue again, I’m really trying to cut back, it’s been interfering with my sleep.  Started using myfitnesspal in conjunction with my fitbit zip to get healthy and lose some weight.  I think it should be helpful since I often don’t keep track of what I’m eating, and I end up having too much food without realizing it.

I’ve been reading a lot, my concentration has improved quite a bit.  Right now I’m reading a biography of Mother Teresa.

Re-started Stranger Things from Season one, I had seen the first 2 seasons but it’s been awhile and I wanted a refresher before I start season 3.   Looking forward to watching it, it’s such an awesome show.

Haven’t really had much going on but I’ve been doing well.  🙂

Random Post/Playing with My Camera


Have been having fun with my digital camera lately.  I still use my 3DS despite having a Nintendo Switch, it has a wonderful library of games available too so I will keep on playing it.  The one I have is the Galaxy New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The Arkham Horror thing is a living card game one of my friends got me into, I finally have a desk set up so I can play.

The Animal Drawing book I got for $2 at a used bookstore the other day, really can’t beat that!  I love going there, they have such a huge variety of books for awesome prices.  Hopefully it will help guide me in my drawings.

Of course Pikachu is there, huge Pokemon fan, have been since I was a little kid and probably will be till the day I die!