Random Post/Playing with My Camera


Have been having fun with my digital camera lately.  I still use my 3DS despite having a Nintendo Switch, it has a wonderful library of games available too so I will keep on playing it.  The one I have is the Galaxy New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The Arkham Horror thing is a living card game one of my friends got me into, I finally have a desk set up so I can play.

The Animal Drawing book I got for $2 at a used bookstore the other day, really can’t beat that!  I love going there, they have such a huge variety of books for awesome prices.  Hopefully it will help guide me in my drawings.

Of course Pikachu is there, huge Pokemon fan, have been since I was a little kid and probably will be till the day I die!

Games – Lets Go Pikachu!

So I finally bought a Nintendo Switch last month, and I absolutely love it!  I really like that it can be played either in handheld or on the TV, even though I mostly use handheld it’s a nice options and fun to see Nintendo games on the big screen again.

The game I’ve been playing most recently is Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu!

I love it!  I never actually got a chance to play the original Pokemon Yellow since I didn’t really get into the gaming aspect of Pokemon until the third generation of games (Ruby/Sapphire, Fire Red/Leaf Green) so it’s a fresh experience for me.

I like that wild Pokemon are visible, while I do enjoy the random encounters of past games I feel more motivated to catch Pokemon in this mode.  It’s really neat seeing them all walking around!

I just received my 7th badge and am about to take on Viridian City gym.

Here are some screenshots from my game 🙂

Drawing Ash and Pikachu Pt. 1 and 2

There’s a power outage so I’m taking advantage of lack of distractions to draw.

I decided to draw Ash and Pikachu. I’ve always wanted to draw them since being a kid but never did for some reason. I have a tutorial book on Pokémon drawing I bought awhile back so I followed along that guide to draw this.

Here is the first initial/basic sketch

And here is the next part where I worked on details and changed some stuff around

The next step will be to clean up the lines and color it, them do a background. I realize Pikachu is a little on the large scale haha but that’s okay, nothing wrong with a super sized Pikachu 😀