Bought a new gaming console

I’ve been doing really well.  A medication increase has helped me a lot.  My mood has been great and I have little anxiety.  I was struggling for awhile with a really bad depressive episode and extreme anxiety, frequent panic attacks.

I’m also using a lot of coping skills too of course.  One new favorite is meditation, it’s a great way to relax and calm my mind.  Mindfulness is great too, being present in the moment and aware.  That helps ease my anxiety.  I also journal every day, good way to get all the thoughts running through my head out.  And then there’s my hobbies that I do which keep me in a positive mood.

Oh yeah, big news, I finally bought an Xbox One!!!  It should be delivered sometime next week.  I’m super excited.  I’ve only ever had the 360 so I figured it is way beyond time for an upgrade.  I’m also happy that it can play Blu Ray discs and DVDs.  I had never had a Blu Ray player before, and it was kind of frustrating because a lot of the movies available to check out at the library were Blu Ray but I could only play regular DVDs.  I have some Xbox 360 games that are compatible with the Xbox One so I’m probably going to be playing those first then buy new games later on.  Eventually I’d like to get a PS4 as well.

So it’s been 3 months in my new apartment and I really love it.  It’s so nice and cozy.  I feel safe and have a lot of support.

There’s a lot I want to do in terms of decorating I haven’t gotten to yet.  But I did buy a bedding set recently which I love


I still need to get curtains.  And more furniture.  A desk near the windows where I can do my drawing.  A welcome mat for outside my door, pretty shower curtain, etc… I’ll be able to do it over the next several months, just doing a little at a time.

Anyway, this was a long random post but thanks for reading!

How I’m Spending My Days

joy painting brush

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Hello again, been a bit since I’ve posted.  I’ve been doing very well. I’m staying home and keeping my hands clean, etc..limit social media and news sites so I’m not bombarded with information regarding the virus 24/7 and am remaining hopeful and positive throughout this thanks to my faith and feeling better on my newer meds.

So what I’ve been doing with my time is

  • Playing videogames
  • Reading
  • Watching movies, shows
  • Journaling
  • Playing my Ukulele
  • Drawing
  • Playing my single player rpg living card game
  • cleaning
  • thinking about ways I want to decorate and furnish my apartment more when I have the money to do so
  • Browsing online, mostly amazon and other shopping sites, pinterest, Youtube

Also, virtual tours to museums, and different places. Listening to music.

Using free education sites like Khan Academy and Duolingo

Studying the Bible, praying, and whatnot to get back into my Catholic faith. “Attending” live streamed mass for the time being while churches are closed

Looking at and sharing cat pictures on Facebook 🙂

And drinking lots of coffee since I finally got a replacement carafe for my coffeemaker!

So all that is keeping me pretty busy and in a good mood.  I was waiting to hear back from supportive employment but that’s on hold for now due to the situation.  My psychiatrist, therapist, and care manager appointments are all being done over the phone for now, and my meds are being mailed to me thanks to CVS and their current free delivery service for prescriptions and other essentials.  So really, the only thing I have to go out for is groceries once in awhile, otherwise, I’m inside.  There is a nice area with a bunch of benches and tables outside at my apartment building, so I can sit out there when the sun is out if I want to get some fresh air (we just got 7 inches of snow! it’s almost all melted though now)


Med Changes

Saw my therapist today and we discussed the stress the move caused and also my impulsive shopping sprees.  She’s glad my doctor is taking me off abilify and switching me back to vraylar.  It worked wonderfully for me in the past but my insurance kept denying it.  I got samples though and can keep getting them until my patient assistance program form is processed to help me get it for free. I’ve been dealing with some depression and paranoia the past month.  I’m also tapering off paxil and onto zoloft which I have also been on in the past and found more effective.  Lots of tapering and dose changes over the next week or so, hopefully it goes smoothly.



Positive Changes

I need to get my art supplies from my old apartment over here, should be able to soon, probably during the upcoming week.  It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn and I’m missing it.

Have a super busy week coming up.  Tons of things get done and many appointments. Hard to believe I’ve already been in my new place a week!  Times been flying by.   My sister is coming over for coffee and cheesecake tomorrow, looking forward to that.  I love my new place, I can’t say that enough, actually its an understatement, this place is so wonderful and so much better in many ways than my last apartment.  I feel so thankful to have gotten an apartment here.  It took a long time but the wait was definitely worth it.

Had a productive day, cleaning and grocery shopping.  Picked up some requests from the library.  I’m currently reading Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania by Andy Behrman.

As for my mental health, I’m doing great.  Every now and then I get some breakthrough symptoms but I  can deal with that and otherwise my meds are doing a great job at controlling my symptoms.  Hardly ever having hallucinations or paranoia now, and haven’t been manic since the spring.  I did have some depression following the mania but it’s gotten a lot better since my Wellbutrin was increased.  I’m sure being in a better environment is helping too.

My next blog post will be videogame related and then around the same time a food/cooking themed post as well.

Thanks for reading!


Had a great thanksgiving dinner with my friend! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, because once I woke up today I didn’t feel up to cooking but my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go to dinner with him. We had all the typical food, then we had pumpkin pie for dessert. 🙂

I have a lot to be thankful for.  My family (including my 2 cats), my friends, having my own apartment and heat/food, mental stability, a great therapist, psychiatrist, case manager, and a good combo of meds that have helped me immensely, good physical health, being in recovery from my ED. I’m also thankful for my faith, though it’s not what it was a year ago, I still have it and am very happy I went through the RCIA process to become Catholic.  Recently, my inspiration and passion for drawing has come back to a level it hasn’t been in years, that’s definitely something to be grateful for, it’s something I enjoy and it helps me mentally.

And lastly but not least, I’m thankful for everyone here who reads my posts/subscribes and interacts with me, so thank you to all of you guys!


Hey, I apologize about the lack of posts this month, was having internet connectivity issues. But it seems to be working fine now so I thought I’d update everyone.

Things are going very well in terms of mental health with the med changes.  No voices or paranoia, no manic or depressive episodes.  I’m very stable on my current meds.  The only issue I’ve been dealing with lately is panic attacks, really bad ones.  After a week of them I didn’t have one today, yay!  So I’m hoping that’s improving as well.

I’m waiting to hear back on some paperwork I’m getting reviewed for something regarding college.  I should know something within the next 2 weeks.

I’m very excited about the holidays!  Really into the spirit this year.  🙂

Here’s a few drawings I’ve done in the past couple of days with the help of the book “How to Draw Cool Stuff” by Catherine V. Holmes

Creating New Habits/Getting Rid of Bad Ones

I’m reading a book called Atomic Habits by James clear.  It’s about making small changes over time, persistently and by using specifics instead of vague wording.  There’s a lot more to the book than just this of course and I highly recommend it.

Anyway for example instead of  having a goal stating “I want to lose weight” a much more refined specific version would be something like “I will work out for 30 minutes after my morning cup of coffee”  I find this stuff interesting because I’ve been trying to implement good habits into my life and get rid of bad ones.

So here are some habits I’m trying to add into my life.

.Draw more – I will draw/or at least begin a drawing every morning while I have my morning cup of coffee for at least 25 minutes.

Exercise – I will take a walk in the mornings after breakfast and in the afternoon after lunch.

Food – I will sit at my kitchen table when I eat instead of eating mindlessly standing up or in my room.  I will not have more than 2 caffeinated cups of coffee a day (it causes anxiety and insomnia for me) I will eat some sort of vegetables at least once a day.

Cleaning:  I will sweep the floor every evening after dinner.  I will mop/vacuum the floors on Saturdays.



Tomorrow is the day I’ve been working really hard on getting to, it may not seem like much but it’s a huge deal for me.  6 months of recovery from bulimia.  The first day of April this year I ended up going to the hospital due to severe dehydration and an irregular heartbeat and the day after that I started getting serious about my recovery.  It hasn’t been easy, there have been ups and downs but I’ve made it.  Next goal is to make it to a year, and then the rest of my life! 🙂

Yay! 6 Months of Recovery from Bulimia!

I have an appointment at my college Thursday to see about getting back in classes for the spring semester. Nervous but hopeful and excited as well.  All in all things are going very well. I’m stable and happy. I’m doing artwork much more frequently and really able to get lost in it when I do, I struggled with motivation for a long time but all it takes is sitting down with a pencil and starting, that’s the hardest part and the rest follows/flows pretty easily.  I’m able to enjoy it more

Oh yeah, I’m at 6 months of recovery from Bulimia!!  The official day is October 2nd. Very proud of myself. Trying to think of ways to celebrate, any ideas? 🙂