4am Thoughts

Good morning!

Have a brunch to go to later, running on 7 hours of sleep total over 3 days! I really need some rest.

Got a much needed haircut yesterday, feels so much better having shorter hair in the summer heat.  Speaking of which, I’m so ready for fall and winter.  This weather is disgusting, it feels like walking into an oven when I go out most days.

Kind of got off track with drawing the past few days because I’ve been busy, so I’m hoping to maybe start something later today.

Oh yeah, I finally got around to buying Death Wish coffee, probably not going to help me with my sleep problems! but it will be a good caffeine boost once in awhile, it’s got like some of the highest caffeine content available.





Nails and Decaf Coffee



Did my nails tonight, I started doing them again recently.  I used to be into makeup and stuff like that but I got to the point where I didn’t really care about making myself look nice, partially due to mental health issues and also honestly laziness.  But I’m having fun getting back into this stuff 🙂

My interview at the apartment complex I’m trying to get into went well.  The apartments are absolutely gorgeous! I was amazed.  I’m hoping there’s an opening within the next month or so, or at the least sometime this summer.  They said there may be one opening in about 3 weeks, and there’s another possibility of another one becoming available soon.  Hopefully I hear something soon.

I did the unthinkable and bought a thing of decaf coffee.  While I’m typing this at 9pm I’m currently drinking a 12 oz regular caffeine content coffee, haha, so I’m not sure how this is going to go.  I just love the rush from caffeine.  I wanted the decaf so if I’m craving coffee I can just have one of those instead of drinking tons of regular coffee everyday.  My goal is to only have a regular coffee every once in awhile for a treat and stick to decaf for most of the time.  I already drink a lot of water, that’s basically all I drink aside from coffee which I generally drink black to keep from the additional calories from sugar and creamer.

I’m hoping to get a part time job this summer or at the latest in the fall.  I’m kind of waiting on hearing about the apartment availability thing though because I don’t want to add too much stress at once.  Ideally, I’d like to be moved in then work towards getting a part time job.  It may not work out that way but I’ll just have to see how things go.


Hope you all are doing well, thanks for reading!

Colorful Cake Sketch

Suddenly got inspired and sketched this slice of cake. I wasn’t planning on drawing tonight but I took advantage of the inspiration and did something fun. I love baking and love colorful stuff. I also am realizing that I really enjoy sketching pictures of food, pastries etc. So here’s a slice of Neapolitan (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) cake with blueberry icing 🙂