Book Review: Lily of the Mohawks: The Story of St. Kateri

Here is a quick book review I posted on Goodreads of a book called “Lily of the Mohawks:  The Story of St. Kateri by Emily Cavins.”  It’s an account of the life and road to sainthood of Kateri Tekakwitha:

Image from CatholicBooksDirect

I really enjoyed this book! The author did a fantastic job giving an account of St. Kateri’s life and culture. There was quite a bit of history in the beginning about the Mohawk tribe, which I feel was necessary to understand how Tekakwitha grew up. I also liked how the author emphasized that St. Kateri’s spirituality as a Mohawk played an important role in her faith as a Christian, rather than separating the two, they intertwined to make her the wonderful person she was. It is a good general overview of her road to sainthood. There’s much more to learn about this saint, but for the size of the book it packed in a surprising amount of information. The pilgrim’s guide at the end listing different museums and locations one can visit to learn more is very helpful. As I live in the Mohawk Valley region, I will definitely be checking some of the places out!