Weekend Ramblings

It definitely feels like autumn here!  Freezing and super windy.  I spent almost a week sleeping around the clock due to a medication adjustment, (the reason I haven’t been doing much artwork) I seem to be getting used to it now though as I’m not sleeping during the day anymore.  Spent Halloween watching the Halloween movies, then of course ended up having nightmares the past 2 nights that Michael Myers was chasing me! lol

Have an appointment at my college Monday, basically just to turn in some paperwork I need to have reviewed.  If all goes well, I should be able to start classes again in the spring.  🙂

I plan on doing some holiday themed drawings this weekend, so I should be able to post more artwork by next week.

I’m excited about the upcoming holidays.  Last year for some reason, I think maybe I was depressed, I felt nothing around the holidays, was completely indifferent towards them.  I don’t believe I’ve ever really had a year where I didn’t get super excited besides last year, so I’m happy to feel that way again as it’s my favorite time of year.

Finished Interview with the Vampire and now reading The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.  My concentration hasn’t been great but I’m working on improving it.

I’ll be doing a videogame related post soon too, it will be sometime this weekend


Thanks for reading!



I haven’t been posting mainly because I’ve been going through some big medication changes the past couple weeks, it’s certainly been a heck of an adventure.  I’m happy to say though that I’m starting to do much better, things have been improving a lot.

Autumn is on it’s way!  I’m so ready for it  😀 Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons.  I’m really looking forward to the holidays as well.  I know they’re still a ways off but I’m excited because I get to actually enjoy them this year.  I really don’t know what happened last year but I felt down and apathetic about everything, which is unusual for me especially during the holiday season.  So I plan on going all out this year with decorating and having fun.

My concentration has improved so I’ve been able to read much more. Right now I’m re-reading a book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**ck” by Mark Manson.  It’s a great book that I highly recommend.  I think this may be the third time I’ve read it over the past several years.  Has a lot of good advice and insight about having important values and not forcing yourself to be superficially happy 24/7 pushing problems aside until they build up and are too much to handle.

Hope everyone is doing well 🙂  I’ll be posting some stuff related to videogames and art soon, see you then!


Summer Thoughts and a Sketch

Haven’t posted in a bit because of internet connection issues but it seems to be working a little better now.

Life has been going well, I’m just ready for summer to end.  It’s been extremely hot and I hate summer anyway, fall and winter are my time of year.  Love snow, ice, really cold temps.  Maybe I’m weird lol

Anyway, I’ve been drawing quite often and wanted to share one of my recent sketches



Drawing more frequently has been helping me improve, at least from what I can tell when I look through my sketchbooks at older drawings.

I’m interested in trying out some pastels I have, I’ve never really worked with them much but it seems like it would be fun.

Also have been getting interesting in crafts lately.  I’d like to make some of that slime stuff that’s so popular and maybe some clay as well.

I’m thinking of doing some more videogame themed posts here and also book reviews because I read so much.  I’ve been having a hard time lately with motivation and inspiration for posts to make.



Thanks for reading!

Halloween Jack o’lantern Sketch

Here’s a drawing I completed yesterday.  I like how sketches look when they’re colored but I used to shy I way from it because I was always better with shading in black and grey.  I’m getting more comfortable with it now since most of the assignments in my Intro to Drawing class are supposed to be colored.  This wasn’t an assignment, just something I did here at home.  I always enjoy drawing Halloween stuff in the fall.  I think I did a fairly good job with the coloring, I’m learning as I go.  This was a quick sketch but hopefully I improve along the way.


I caught that sneaky little elusive thing known as sleep!

Autumn1I finally got sleep last night! I spent three weeks only sleeping 2-4 hours a night and being up for 36 or more hours several times, it was crazy.  My doctor prescribed something to help me with it and it’s amazing what a difference in thought clarity from before and today with just one night of normal rest.  I also didn’t have bad dreams relating to my moms death for the first time in very long time which was such a relief.  The dreams I had were super bizarre but that’s okay.  (For some reason the Dalai Lama was there and we were high, he moved into the neighborhood and was out jogging in the morning???….)

Any way, I went to a vigil mass which was very nice.  The weather is beautiful and I took a couple pics of the fall colors.  Also, I tried froyo for the first time and I love it, I have seriously been missing out!