Sticking With Games

I have a tendency to start playing a game then bounce around between various ones and never get very far in any of them. And I buy more and more and have stacks of them I want to get to, it’s been driving me crazy. I decided I’m going to just focus on two games at time for right now and try to make some progress in them.

I’ll be playing one on my Xbox 360, Harry Potter LEGO Years 5-7, and Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

I decided I want to make my Animal Crossing town Japanese themed. I’m not sure yet what I want to do with the houses. I know I want one to be Horror/Halloween themed. I finally found all the fossils for the museum. I’m pretty much just working on paying off the main house loan right now and trying to get requests from villagers so I have more public works projects I can choose from to start making the town look nice. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I got my first golden tool the other day! It was the golden slingshot. The rest of my tools are silver.

Harry Potter LEGO (Years 5-7)

Harry Potter LEGO games are so much fun and so expansive. You can explore all of Hogwarts and there’s tons of stuff to do even aside from the main story. I have years 1-4 and years 5-7 on both my 3DS and Xbox 360. The 3DS ones are pretty cool and I enjoy them but they’re nowhere near the level of the Xbox and PS4 versions.

Anybody else playing any games lately?