It’s Been Awhile

I have been soooooo busy lately.  I got the new apartment!!! Yay!!  It’s amazing.  I still have a lot of cleaning in my old place to do and some more trips there to here with the rest of my stuff.  I should be totally settled in though by March.  Also, now that I have much more money due to my rent being more affordable, I can save to pay off my student account at my college and get back in classes for the Fall.  Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, just so much going on but I should be able to begin posting regularly again. 🙂

Moving and Other Stuff

Lots of stress going on lately.  Getting ready to hopefully move in mid February, I have all the documents needed for the new apartment complex so I just need to submit the ones I had been waiting on next week.

It’s very cold here, when I went out in the morning it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit.  My face froze and I felt like a had a brain freeze too!  It felt good to come back inside and have a hot cup of coffee.

Starting a 30 day challenge of eating no junk food, and praying the Rosary daily.  I’ll begin tomorrow.  Trying to implement some better habits into my life.  It’s going to be difficult, mainly the 30 days without junk food.  I will document it with blog posts.  I’m a major sugar addict.

Playing a lot of Stardew Valley and Pokemon Sword lately.

There’s so much to do in Stardew it’s amazing.  Saving up to get another building on my farm to store trunks in.  My character is married now, to Harvey.  Trying to become friends with the wizard so I can change my appearance.  Also working on getting the final house upgrade.  I’ve been getting most of my money from fishing, it’s just really relaxing.  I find I love fishing in many games, Animal Crossing, The Sims, other RPGs like Fantasy Life and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons.

In Pokemon Sword I’m about to face the champion then after that I’ll work on completing my Pokedex and getting shinies.

Have so much to do in the next couple of weeks with packing and cleaning.  I’m donating a TON of books to make the move easier and keep my life a little simpler/less cluttered in the new place.  Just hanging onto a few favorite series, some of my Catholic books, and a couple autographed books.  Also got rid of tons and tons of stuff I no longer needed, just all kinds of random things.  Feels good, it will be a nice fresh start!


Twinkle Twinkle..

I’m having sooo much fun with my ukulele, learned how to play twinkle twinkle little star today! 🙂  Really excited to have this as a hobby now, I’ve missed playing musical instruments (played the violin for a long time and also guitar for awhile).

Anyway, things are going pretty well.  I’m happy.  My anxiety has been very bad lately but there are reasons for that.  I’m trying not to dwell on stuff I can’t control. Had a very nice Christmas.  Hoping to be able to move soon but it’s a long process.

I’ve been playing Pokemon Sword and it’s amazing, like seriously such an awesome game. Already put 7 hours into it and I’ve only had it a few days.  Still playing Stardew Valley, my character is finally dating one of the NPCs, took a long time to get the hearts up because I wasn’t focused on that the first couple of in-game years.  I’ve gotten to level 90 I think in the mines.  I bought the game Graveyard Keeper the other day for my Switch, it’s really weird but cool so I’m looking forward to getting into that.

Merry Christmas

Have been away for awhile, dealing with some depression but it’s the holidays and my internet is working right finally so I thought I’d post an update!  I hope everyone has a wonderful time whatever you may celebrate.  I’ve got a lot of new drawings I’ll be posting within the next few days.  Oh yeah, big news, I’ll be moving soon into a new apartment, so excited! Looking forward to the new year, think it’s going to be a great one!


What happened to the drawing challenge?

I disappeared for a few days.  A couple reasons, my internet connection is crappy/not reliable and I got distracted on days 5-7 of the challenge.  I actually did draw something for day 5 but strongly disliked how it came out, it was donuts but the background I did clashed with it horribly.  I’ve been limited on what I can do with color since I have super cheap colored pencils and an even worse sharpener at the moment.  I need to get another set of prismacolors and eventually polychromos.  Time to start saving money.  So I didn’t finish the challenge but I got further than I normally do with them.  Last time I attempted a drawing challenge I think I made it to day one and that’s it.  My motivation still comes and goes but overall it’s been much better the past year.  I will have some artwork up soon and when my internet is acting up I’ll make sure to start going to the public library so I can get pics up faster.

Just a quick update 🙂