Feeling Good!

Good morning!

I’ve been sleeping much better since I started eating regularly.  Haven’t been agitated either, pushing through any anxiety I have and doing things I need/want to despite it.

Lately I’ve been drawing every day. Right now I’m working on shading techniques.  I’m learning to have patience again and am enjoying art rather than getting frustrated with myself from perfectionism.  No two persons artwork is the same, I learned that in the art class I took last semester at my college.  We’d all draw the same still life prop but when finished everyone’s art was unique to their own style, which doesn’t make one better or less than another.

Need to get some new colored pencils.  Not sure what kind yet.  I love the intense, bright pigment of prismacolors, but the led breaks often.

Anyway, it’s a rainy day and I plan on some relaxing Netflix time. Can’t wait to start watching Rilakkuma and Kaoru!

I got a bunch of fresh produce yesterday so I plan on sauteing some yellow squash and mushrooms and having it with roasted potatoes tonight 🙂