Feeling good finally!

I’m feeling a lot better than I was last week. I’m adjusting to being off 2 of my meds and the withdrawal effects were bad the first week.

My mood is really good. I have energy. I volunteered to call the cards for the 2 bingo games tomorrow downstairs in the apartment community room. I also have a self-care group that meets every last Friday of each month. So I’ll be going to that tomorrow as well.

I’m so happy it’s finally autumn 🍂 Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. It’s raining right now.

Going to get my hair cut sometime within the next few weeks. I think I’m getting a pixie cut. I’ve only had one of those one other time but I liked it when I did have it. It was really easy to take care of and felt good. I want to get it bleached professionally eventually so I can dye it fun colors like green, red, pink, etc. It will be a nice change!

Next week will be busy. I have 3 appointments plus I have to also see if I can get a walk-in dentist appointment for a cleaning/exam. (They only do cleanings as same day walk in appointments). And I have to do my grocery shopping, which will take a couple trips, as I can only carry so much on the bus.

Thanks for reading!

Appointments and other stuff

I finally have an appointment with my primary care doctor on the 30th of this month. We are going to discuss me getting back on meds for acid reflux/GERD, and another med for something else. They went ahead and scheduled me a physical in November. This coming week I’ve got to go to the dentist to get a cleaning/exam, not looking forward to that but it will be good to get it over with.

Aside from that I’m just waiting to hear back about the vocational rehabilitation program. This coming Friday I’m going to a self-care group downstairs in the community room that my apartment case manager put a referral in for me to start going to. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m in the process of coming off one of my meds (mental health meds) , last night was the first night without it. Im hoping to get off one more too. And then just stay on the rest of my meds.

That’s what’s been going on with me lately. Have been struggling a bit with my eating disorder lately. Restricting, binge/purge, and feeling guilty when I eat, etc. but I’m working on that.

I had a pretty productive day, cleaned and did laundry, practiced ukulele.

I’ll update here in a few weeks after all my appointments and med changes are over with, I have a bunch of appointments coming up.

Thanks for reading! 😃

Food, and waiting on some things

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile.

I have been struggling w/ a couple of mental health things but I’m working on them.

Some good news is I’ve been exercising, walking for a long time on the treadmill most days, and taking walks outside. I’m also getting better at eating actual food, and it’s also the first time I’ve cooked a real meal in many months. I made buffalo ranch chicken in the crockpot today, shredded it and put it on a hoagie roll. It’s really good, spicy and tender from cooking on low for 5 hours. There’s a picture of it below, it may not look very nice but trust me it tastes good.

I’m still waiting to hear back about the vocational rehabilitation program. My care manager said it could take awhile.

I’m happy it’s getting closer to fall. I have plans to go see the new Halloween movie (Halloween Kills) with my friend next month.

Also still waiting to get that kitten. Just have to be patient.

Thanks for reading!

Annoying stuff

I’ve been coughing since last Thursday. I’ve had a cough like this (dry cough) a couple years ago and it was due to GERD. I’m pretty sure this is what it’s due to now, because I’m not having symptoms of a cold or anything like that, nothing other than the dry cough, and cold medicine doesn’t help it. Anyway, it’s really frustrating. I think I need to get back on meds for it, so I made an appointment with my primary care doctor but the soonest he has available is September 16th, so I just agreed to that. It’s really frustrating because it’s keeping me up at night and hurting my head to cough so much.

I used to be on ranitidine for GERD but it was recalled awhile back so I stopped it and never bothered going back to my doctor to get on anything else. But my symptoms of the disorder have gotten a lot worse over the past year so I really need to see him.

I’ve been having a lot of severe paranoia the past 2 days because I stopped one of my psych meds over a week ago, because I wanted to see how I’d do without it, and have had some withdrawal effects too. So I ended up going back on it.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on with me the past week or so

Vocational Rehabilitation, Cats, Ukulele, and more

Hey guys! So I applied for the vocational rehabilitation program, submitted the application yesterday. Hopefully I hear back from them soon!

My care manager said her sister has a cat that’s about to have kittens, and if I want one I can have one. I said yes because my psychiatrist said she’d write a letter for my apartment complex stating it’s for emotional support, which it is. I’ve been heartbroken since my last cat passed away a year and a half ago. Anyway, when I had cats they helped me feel less stressed which helped my schizoaffective/bipolar disorder symptoms.

I volunteered to call out the bingo cards in my apartment complex’s bingo day next week in the community room. I have never done that or anything like that but I want to get out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m a little nervous but it shouldn’t be too bad

Have an apartment inspection next Friday, those always make me anxious. They always go well but I get very bad anticipatory anxiety before them.

I’ve been doing well. Trying to cut back on sugar. My meds make me hungry and crave sugary foods, and I don’t want to develop type 2 diabetes since it runs on my fathers side of the family. I also want to lose some weight since I’ve gained about 10lbs since starting the monthly abilify maintena injections. I don’t want to gain any more.

I finally got on a good sleep routine. I go to bed around 10pm every night and get up around 5:40 to 6am each morning.

It’s been really hot outside with a heat advisory/excessive heat warning every day so I’ve been staying indoors most of the time. I’m so ready for autumn. I have some pumpkin patch scented wax I’ve been melting in my Scentsy and it smells amazing!

I’ve been practicing a lot of ukulele. Doing Christmas songs so I can get good at them for when the holidays come around. I’m getting better. I can play Silent Night perfectly, I’m good at playing Oh Christmas Tree, I’m getting better at Deck the Halls. I just need to keep practicing until I master them and also What Child is This?. That one is a little more complex so it’s going to require a lot more practice. I plan on sharing videos of my playing for family and friends on Facebook.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on with me lately, lots of positive stuff! 🙂

Thanks for reading!! 😀

Excited about some changes!

I didn’t post the past two days about my meditation challenge, yesterday I wasn’t feeling good physically and today I was kind of preoccupied. But I’ll try to get back to it tomorrow.

I got some takeout today, buffalo wings, Cajun seasoned fries, and honeydew bubble tea (with peach popping boba)! It was so good! (pictured below)

I’m going to be asking my care manager to help get me into vocational counseling so I can get a part-time job. I’ve never really worked before except for a temporary job when I was 18, I then was diagnosed with Bipolar I then ultimately Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar type, and had to stop working because I was very unwell and was also having a difficult time dealing with stress. But now I feel ready for a part-time job, so I’m going to be working on getting that. I was going to go back to college now, but I figured it would be better to work for a year or 2 and see what interests me so I can go back to college once I have an idea of what sort of career would best suit me. That way I’m not wasting my time taking classes while I don’t know what I want to do, that wouldn’t benefit me later. So my goal is to work part-time for a year or 2 and then add in college part-time in addition to that.

I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow (in person). Then I get my monthly injection on Tuesday. This week I’m going to spend a lot of time cleaning, exercising, and trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Then on Sunday I’m going to my friend’s house. Looking forward to that, it’s been so long since we’ve hung out.

I’m doing pretty well, I feel optimistic about the future and the changes I’m making!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Facing social anxiety/ and agoraphobia

I did it! I went to the apartment property cleanup/lunch event our complex had and didn’t have a panic attack. It was actually a lot of fun. We cleaned up trash around the property then had some lunch out in the courtyard. Grilled hotdogs, soda, chips, and watermelon. I’m glad I went. And it actually makes me want to do more things like that, to get out and do stuff. It energized me.

I’m spending tomorrow cleaning. Then Sunday my sister is coming over and bringing lunch from a place I usually get bubble tea from. I’m trying to make my apartment look really nice so I’m going to buy a book shelf, a small coffee table, and some mini artificial succulents. Then once I get that all put together I can have my Van Gogh painting (cafe terrace at night) hung, and it will look wonderful! Can’t wait! 😃

I’m just spending the evening reading with a cup of coffee. I plan on spending some time outside tomorrow after I’m done cleaning. And am aiming to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

So yeah, I’m proud of myself for kind of getting out of my shell a little bit today!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

2 Week Meditation Challenge – Day 7

It’s been a full week of meditating so far. Today I meditated by praying the rosary. I had some social interaction today at the apartment property cleanup/lunch thing and was outside and it didn’t make me anxious, it was actually very nice! So I’m happy about that.

Thanks for reading, tomorrow begins week 2! 🙂

2 Week Meditation Challenge – Day 6

I did another 15 minute meditation today. I also used mindfulness throughout my day. It was a lot easier to focus this time. It has been raining on and off, I love rainstorms, they’re very relaxing. So that seemed to help!

My anxiety is a little better. Cutting down on caffeine is helping too. I only have been having 2-3 cups of coffee each day instead of 4-7. Tomorrow I have to socialize a bit though so I’m kind of worried about that but it shouldn’t be too bad. I know I’ll feel better once I actually do it, it’s just anticipatory anxiety. It will be fine.

Thanks for reading!