Drawn using a tutorial in “How to Draw Cool Stuff” by Catherine V. Holmes


What happened to the drawing challenge?

I disappeared for a few days.  A couple reasons, my internet connection is crappy/not reliable and I got distracted on days 5-7 of the challenge.  I actually did draw something for day 5 but strongly disliked how it came out, it was donuts but the background I did clashed with it horribly.  I’ve been limited on what I can do with color since I have super cheap colored pencils and an even worse sharpener at the moment.  I need to get another set of prismacolors and eventually polychromos.  Time to start saving money.  So I didn’t finish the challenge but I got further than I normally do with them.  Last time I attempted a drawing challenge I think I made it to day one and that’s it.  My motivation still comes and goes but overall it’s been much better the past year.  I will have some artwork up soon and when my internet is acting up I’ll make sure to start going to the public library so I can get pics up faster.

Just a quick update 🙂


Had a great thanksgiving dinner with my friend! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, because once I woke up today I didn’t feel up to cooking but my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go to dinner with him. We had all the typical food, then we had pumpkin pie for dessert. 🙂

I have a lot to be thankful for.  My family (including my 2 cats), my friends, having my own apartment and heat/food, mental stability, a great therapist, psychiatrist, case manager, and a good combo of meds that have helped me immensely, good physical health, being in recovery from my ED. I’m also thankful for my faith, though it’s not what it was a year ago, I still have it and am very happy I went through the RCIA process to become Catholic.  Recently, my inspiration and passion for drawing has come back to a level it hasn’t been in years, that’s definitely something to be grateful for, it’s something I enjoy and it helps me mentally.

And lastly but not least, I’m thankful for everyone here who reads my posts/subscribes and interacts with me, so thank you to all of you guys!

My 2020 Goals

Thought I’d make a post for this upcoming year with my goals. 🙂

  1. Make it to 1 year of eating disorder recovery (April 2nd, 2020 marks one year from when I started recovering from bulimia so I’m over halfway there)
  2. Get dental work completed – I’m in the process of this now, just have a few more cavities to get taken care of due to damage from the years of purging.
  3. Vote in the 2020 presidential election
  4. Start classes again at my college (I’m also in the process of getting registered)
  5. Move into a more affordable apartment.  By this I mean a section 8 type apartment.  I’m on some waiting lists and have been for awhile so I’m hoping something comes through within the next year so I can move and have an easier time financially.
  6. Draw at least a few times a week, work on improving my artwork.
  7. Continue eating healthy, with lots of fruits and vegetables.  Limit junk food.



Hey, I apologize about the lack of posts this month, was having internet connectivity issues. But it seems to be working fine now so I thought I’d update everyone.

Things are going very well in terms of mental health with the med changes.  No voices or paranoia, no manic or depressive episodes.  I’m very stable on my current meds.  The only issue I’ve been dealing with lately is panic attacks, really bad ones.  After a week of them I didn’t have one today, yay!  So I’m hoping that’s improving as well.

I’m waiting to hear back on some paperwork I’m getting reviewed for something regarding college.  I should know something within the next 2 weeks.

I’m very excited about the holidays!  Really into the spirit this year.  🙂

Here’s a few drawings I’ve done in the past couple of days with the help of the book “How to Draw Cool Stuff” by Catherine V. Holmes