Some good news

I finally set up a payment plan with my college so I can pay off my debt and then start classes again!  Very excited about this, I honestly miss school and studying.  Starting to have trouble leaving the house again but I’m continuing to work on it, while at the same time not being too hard on myself.  Every day is a chance to make progress.

Bought a few treats lately:

A camelbak water bottle, so I can walk long distances in the heat and have water with me. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I have wanted this game so much and am happy to have finally ordered a copy.  I loved playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and this looks great as well.  Also got the guidebook!  Can’t wait till these two things arrive.

And, I’m buying a Garmin smartwatch next week.  My sister has a coupon for any Garmin product and I’ve been wanting something to track my steps.  It’s will be my first smartwatch so I’m excited to learn about all the different features it offers.

I’ve been reading a lot.  A lot of workbooks on mental health.  And I’m currently reading “The Outsider” by Stephen King.  It’s definitely intriguing.

I’m trying to motivate myself to stay on top of cleaning my apartment.  It’s difficult, but I’m making some progress.  I did my most hated household chore yesterday, vacuuming.

Anyway, just wanted to share some good news 🙂

Thanks for reading!


End of June to End of September Goals

Here are my goals for the next 3 month period, posting to hold myself accountable 🙂

-Read 3 books
-Spend more time in living-room
-Take 3-4 walks a week
-Learn 2 new ukulele songs
-Complete Harry Potter Lego years 1-4 (this is a videogame)
-Sit outside more
-Draw a Christmas themed picture and a Halloween themed picture
-Watch mass every weekend
-Keep up with cleaning

Having trouble leaving the house

So… I’ve been having trouble leaving the house lately.  I’ve always have gone through phases where I struggle with agoraphobic tendencies every now and then, and this is one of those times.  I barely even go out to get my mail.  I spent the past week inside without going downstairs to check my mail.  I finally went today, so that’s a bit of progress.  I would like to start taking long walks again.  Maybe I’ll have to slowly build up to it.  Like for a number of days sit outside for awhile, a few days walking a short distance, and so on till I make it to my goal and get over this.  I will definitely be talking to my therapist about this next time we speak.

Otherwise my mental health is good, doing well on my meds still.  I started a medication a few days ago to help me lose the weight I’ve gained on antipsychotics.  I’ve been eating healthier too so hopefully I’m able to finally lose some.  That’s another reason I want to get out to take walks, for the exercise.

I’ve been binge watching stuff on Netflix a lot.  There’s so many good shows on there and I didn’t have Netflix until this past month so there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t seen.

Trying to think of my next crockpot dinner.  Maybe I’ll try making chili.

I just ordered of Tangerine Orange Zinger herbal tea and a few other things from Amazon.  Figured it would be a good bright, citrus drink to have around for the summer.  Will be a good reason to motivate me to check the mail.

Thanks for reading!


It’s been awhile..

So I’ve avoided certain social media websites for awhile to try and calm down anxiety being triggered regarding the whole virus/quarantine situation.  Anyway, I’m doing much better in regards to that so I feel I can come back now without being triggered.  I spent some time working through a coronavirus anxiety workbook PDF my therapist emailed to me, and it has been immensely helpful!

My birthday was last week.  My sister bought me an Xbox gift card which I used to buy the Harry Potter Lego Collection game.  I got a haircut over the weekend, much needed, it feels so much better shorter especially in the summer.

Finally got my own internet connection since the building’s main one sucks.  So now I can do my gaming and whatever without any problems.

I recently bought a crockpot and used it for the first time today.  I cooked homemade meatballs and spicy Italian sausage in sauce then put it over pasta.  It was delicious!  I’ve been looking up all kinds of different recipes on pinterest today, it’s amazing all the different things you can do with a crockpot, even desserts!  I’m getting excited about cooking again.

Speaking of cooking, I think the next dessert I’m going to make is those Oreo M&M cookie bars.  I made them awhile back and did a post about them, they’re so good!

I’m still doing well mentally, very stable.  I’m thankful for finally getting on meds that help, and for my doctor and my support system.

Thanks for reading!



Bought a new gaming console

I’ve been doing really well.  A medication increase has helped me a lot.  My mood has been great and I have little anxiety.  I was struggling for awhile with a really bad depressive episode and extreme anxiety, frequent panic attacks.

I’m also using a lot of coping skills too of course.  One new favorite is meditation, it’s a great way to relax and calm my mind.  Mindfulness is great too, being present in the moment and aware.  That helps ease my anxiety.  I also journal every day, good way to get all the thoughts running through my head out.  And then there’s my hobbies that I do which keep me in a positive mood.

Oh yeah, big news, I finally bought an Xbox One!!!  It should be delivered sometime next week.  I’m super excited.  I’ve only ever had the 360 so I figured it is way beyond time for an upgrade.  I’m also happy that it can play Blu Ray discs and DVDs.  I had never had a Blu Ray player before, and it was kind of frustrating because a lot of the movies available to check out at the library were Blu Ray but I could only play regular DVDs.  I have some Xbox 360 games that are compatible with the Xbox One so I’m probably going to be playing those first then buy new games later on.  Eventually I’d like to get a PS4 as well.

So it’s been 3 months in my new apartment and I really love it.  It’s so nice and cozy.  I feel safe and have a lot of support.

There’s a lot I want to do in terms of decorating I haven’t gotten to yet.  But I did buy a bedding set recently which I love


I still need to get curtains.  And more furniture.  A desk near the windows where I can do my drawing.  A welcome mat for outside my door, pretty shower curtain, etc… I’ll be able to do it over the next several months, just doing a little at a time.

Anyway, this was a long random post but thanks for reading!

Med change

One of my medications was changed because my insurance wouldn’t cover the one I was on.  So I’m starting that tonight, hopefully all goes well and I don’t have any bad side effects.

I haven’t been doing much lately, have lacked motivation for awhile but I’m trying to get it back.  I had been slacking on cleaning my apartment but was able to get myself to clean/disinfect all the counters and vacuum today. So that’s a bit of progress!

The state I live in put out an executive order that everyone has to wear masks in public now.  My care manager dropped one off for me today and I have one coming in the mail I ordered a few days ago.  Unfortunately they’re just the fabric ones that don’t really do anything in terms of protection but it’s nearly impossible to get any medical grade masks now so that’s what I’ll have to use since it’s mandatory now and if I want to get my grocery shopping done, I’ll have to have one on.  I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere since April 2nd or 3rd.  I did my grocery shopping then, that’s all I go out for now, and to get household necessities like toiletries. I’ve got to chill with the eating, I think I’ve gained weight since the quarantine stuff started, between the lack of physical activity and eating out of boredom.

Anyway, I’m going to do some drawing today, it’s been so long since I’ve sketched and the more I don’t do it the harder it gets to motivate myself.  I do enjoy doing it, it’s just that I have trouble starting.

I’m getting the new Animal Crossing game soon!  Can’t wait! 🙂  Lately I’ve been playing Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Stardew Valley, and Graveyard Keeper.

Hoping to have a productive weekend, get more cleaning done, laundry, and do some of my hobbies.

Thanks for reading!

April 2020 Goals

silhouette of man at daytime

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  • Meditate Daily – I’ve started using the app called Balance to help me meditate, it’s been a great way to relieve stress, only a week in and I’m already noticing a difference, so I hope to make it a regular habit.
  • Read 3 books – Since there’s nothing but time to kill I upped my monthly challenge to 3 instead of 1.
  • Watch live-streamed mass each Sunday – Since churches are closed I’ve been doing this
  • Memorize Twinkle Twinkle and Happy Birthday on the Ukulele 
  • Draw – I haven’t been keeping up with drawing recently so I’d like to start doing some artwork again.
  • Sit outside in the sun – There’s a nice area outside my apartment complex with places to sit and relax, and since the weather is getting nicer and I desperately need vitamin D…

Last Month’s Goals

My goals for March were:

Read 1 new book – I read several books, a few of them by David Sedaris, really funny stuff!

Get a physical – Couldn’t get this done with the whole virus situation going on now

Budget money more wisely – I have been able to do this, not impulse spending anymore

Keep apartment clean – I’ve kept up with this pretty well

Cut back on screen time – Well, with the quarantine going on this definitely didn’t happen.  However, I have limited my time on certain websites so I’m not bombarded with news and negativity 24/7.